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Raphael Kirchner and his postcards. New Edition

The new book edition, revised and updated, is coming soon.
It is a completely new book compared to the old one, with all the specimens reproduced in color, with new and interesting postcards. It will have 269 pages and will cost 50 euros. Language: english.

This site is devoted to Raphael Kirchner, the Viennese artist who is well known all over the world for his magnificent postcards and many other graphic works.

Since more than one hundred years the art of Kirchner bewitches all those, collectors or not, have the luck to see at least one of his enchanting girls.

Now, thanks to the Web, we hope that more and more people can admire his work and know a little more about his life.

Pia and Antonio Dell'Aquila

Questo sito è dedicato a Raphael Kirchner, l'artista viennese famoso in tutto il mondo per le sue splendide cartoline e molti altri lavori grafici.

Infatti oltre un secolo fa l'arte di Kirchner ha incantato tutti quelli che, collezionisti o meno, hanno avuto la fortuna di vedere almeno una delle sue affascinanti ragazze.

Ora, grazie al Web, ci auguriamo che ancora molte più persone possano ammirare la sua opera e conoscere la sua vita.

Pia e Antonio Dell'Aquila