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The book Raphael Kirchner and his postcards. New Edition is a collection of all the works we know of Kirchner as a postcard illustrator, from origins in native Austria to his death in New York at the age of 42.

The catalogue is accompanied by a detailed biography, and is fully illustrated in colour.

The postcards are catalogued by series and divided into 3 periods of his career. For each series there is a rarity index, linked to the value of the postcards, referring to specimens in perfect condition.

It also provides information on the presumed date of issue, on the characteristics of the postcards in the series, on the different editions in which the postcard is known, on the use of postcard images for different graphic objects (such as book illustrations, menus, etc.) and on the events that inspired some series.

The work is the result of the passion of the authors - Pia and Antonio Dell'Aquila - who are keen collectors of postcards, in particular of Kirchner's postcards and experts of his work. It is a new edition of the volume Raphael Kirchner and his postcards (1996), completely revised and updated.

Now that the Internet has expanded the number of collectors and sellers of vintage postcards, a reasoned and detailed catalogue, which distinguishes the rarest and most valuable specimens from the most common, is certainly a valuable guide for collectors.

From these considerations the book Raphael Kirchner and his postcards. New edition was born.

In his 270 pages, size 24 x 17 cm, the book Raphael Kirchner and his postcards. New edition includes, in addition to the checklist of the all known postcards by Kirchner, a long and detailed introduction on his life and works, and a Bibliography.

All over the book, over 1000 postcards and other Kirchner's items are reproduced in full and brilliant colours.
It is important to note that each postcard is identified by an individual code: so any postcard by Kirchner is unequivocally catalogued and may be identified or described.


Foreword and Acknowledgments

Foreword by Leonard A. Lauder

Raphael Kirchner: his life and works

Introduction to the checklist

Notes for using the checklist of the postcards by Raphael Kirchner


First period

The Beginnings  (1897-1899)

Second period

The Golden Age (1900-1907)

Third period

The Glamour Age (1910-1916)