Raphael Kirchner
gril by Raphael Kirchner
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1875, May 5 Raphael Kirchner was born in Vienna, to a middle class family
1885/1890 He had music lessons and attended the Conservatoire in Vienna
1890/1894 He studied at the Vienna School of Art
1894/1897 He attended an art course at the Spezialschule fur Historienmalerei in Vienna, under the guidance of August Eisenmerger, professor at the Vienna Academy
1896 He began his activity as a portrait artist
1897 The first known works as illustrator:
  • the poster for «Wiener Illustrirte», a woman's magazine published in Vienna
  • some illustrations for the album Radlerei, commissioned by Continental Pneumatic the first known set of postcards, «Wiener Typen»
1898 He drew his first sets of postcards for the publishers Philipp & Kramer and Back & Schmitt, both from Vienna, and Theo Stroefer from Nuremberg
1899 He drew the cover and some illustrations for the book Oesterreichisches Kaiser Jubilaums Dichterbuch, published by Eduard Hassenberger in Vienna

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Grus aus Wien - postcard by Raphael Kirchner