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The postcards The Glamour Age

The glamour age

The work produced in this last period (1910-1916) distinguishes itself quite distinctly from the previous period as Kirchner's new style emerges and which moves away from the influence of Art Nouveau of the Golden Age to a more defined and less affected style, characteristic of Art Deco: these postcards are also characterized by the fact to be particularly glamorous.

Practically all of them were reproductions of images created for other kinds of graphics: for example, the famous French postcards printed by Librairie de l'Estampe reproduce, for the most part, the enchanting drawings with which Kirchner illustrated the book Le Bandeau by Felicien Champsaur, or other contemporary books; the English postcards in the Bruton Galleries sets reproduce many of the prints sold with great success in various formats in London's Bruton Art Gallery and published as some illustrated plates in «The Sketch» magazine as well.

Last but not least, the ten enchanting little American women Les Amours de Pierrot reproduce the panels that Kirchner himself designed to decorate the Century Theatre of New York, retracting the same soubrettes who sang and danced in the theatre, for Florenz Ziegfeld's musical review.

We have catalogued the Kirchner s postcards belonging to the glamour age according the following sets.

M - Photographic postcards

M.1 - Kirchner's erotic pictures

N - German publishers

N.1 - In den Karten steht's geschrieben
N.2 - Vain girls

P - French publishers

P.1 - Pour le Droit et la Liberté
P.2 - Puzzle Pour le Droit et la Liberté
P.3 - Les Péchés Capitaux
P.4 - L-E single items

Q - English publishers

Q.1 - Kirchner Girls - Bruton Galleries, Delta publisher
Q.2 - Bruton Galleries, Alphalsa publisher

R - U.S.A. publishers

R.1 - Les Amours de Pierrot
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