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girl by Raphael Kirchner
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The postcards The Golden Age

unsigned series

G - Unsigned, M.M.Vienne publisher

G.1 - Bronzes d'art
G.2 - Maid of Athens
G.3 - Figures on turquoise background
G.4 - Girls and eggs, unsigned
G.5 - Girls' faces in a circle on violet background
G.6 - Girls' faces with red border
G.7 - Girl with beige border
G.8 - Girls with olive-green surrounds
G.9 - Girls with purple surrounds
G.10 - Love thoughts

H - Unsigned, B. R. W. publisher

H.1 - Girls' faces on a spider web
H.2 - Girls' heads and shoulders on a green panel
H.3 - Girls posing with pigs
H.4 - Girls and clouds
H.5 - Girls surrounded with roses
H.6 - Girls in frames with gilded clover leaves
H.7 - Girls' faces with long eardrops

J - Unsigned, M. M. P. publisher

J.1 - Akropolis
J.2 - Ivoire sculpté
J.3 - Small Greek heads
J.4 - Scenes of ancient Greece on ochre and black background

K - Unsigned, Various publishers

K.1 - Femmes Soleil
K.2 - Easter at the circus
K.3 - Girls amid plants
K.4 - Girls and bronze male busts
K.5 - Girls with ancient musical instruments
K.6 - Greetings in gold
K.7 - Hovering girls
K.8 - Leda and the swan

L - Postcards signed other then Kirchner

Signed Nini Hager
L.1 - Girls with animals
Signed MRaschka
L.2 - La guerre amusante
L.3 - Christmas pictures by Raschka
postcard by Raphael Kirchner
postcard by Raphael Kirchner
postcard by Raphael Kirchner
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